Developers, designers and builders are present in all the stages to deliver a completely custom-made project

TRIANGLE HORIZON has large scale ways : engineering  consulting for structures and electricity specialists.

30.000 m ² of factories of manufacturing, high-technology equipment, expert teams in assembly.

Every project  is studied to meet the needs and specificity: surface, power …

Sheds and photovoltaic farm buildings

We create projects of sheds and photovoltaic farm buildings which will be financed by the resale of photovoltaic power production in 15 years.

Projects adapted to the local agricultural activity: surface, location, skeleton...

Roof Terrace

In urban zones, the land tax is mainly built. The available surfaces for the setting-up of photovoltaic systems are thus the roofs of buildings, which present the advantage of an exposure to the sun generally more favorable than to the ground.

Installation of integrated solar panels or not in roofs

Photovoltaic solutions adapted to the industrial and agricultural buildings. They become integrated into every types of buildings...
Industrial buildings or of storage possess surfaces of valuable roofs with a photovoltaic power plant.
These solar power plants can be connected with the network ERDF to supply a source of current.

See more pictures of our achievements

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