Developers, designers and builders are present in all the stages to deliver a completely custom-made project

TRIANGLE HORIZON has large scale ways : engineering  consulting for structures and electricity specialists.

30.000 m ² of factories of manufacturing, high-technology equipment, expert teams in assembly.

Every project  is studied to meet the needs and specificity: surface, power …

Projects which maximize the economic fallout on companies and local farmers

The Producers in fruits and vegetables, Horticulturalists … Improve and perpetuate their farms with these projects of photovoltaic greenhouses which thus consist in integrating, on the structure of a greenhouse, photovoltaic modules to produce some electricity.
They so improve their productivity with a beneficial microclimate in plants, protect their cultures of the diseases and the climatic hazards; rain, wind, fros, direct sun rays...

Realizations corresponding to existing standards and covered by a contract of ten-year guarantee.

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