Developers, designers and builders are present in all the stages to deliver a completely custom-made project

​TRIANGLE HORIZON has large scale ways : engineering  consulting for structures and electricity specialists.

30.000 m ² of factories of manufacturing, high-technology equipment, expert teams in assembly.

Every project of  photovoltaic carport is studied to meet the needs and specificity: surface, power …

produce and consume

Today, to accompany the current developments of the photovoltaic, Triangle Horizon proposes the turnkey realization of carport in the electric autoconsuemption.The electricity produced by panels can be consumed on the spot. A way, for the hypermarkets, to reduce appreciably their annual energy bill while making a commitment concretely in the energy transition.

Sustainable development and comfort

Carports are designed to be the most esthetic possible and bring a real comfort by protecting people and vehicles of the rain and the sun on parking areas.  Which do not leave the insensible clientele because stores equipped with these ombrières new generation - effective in terms of protection and environment-friendly - noticed a clair increase of their attendance !

It is since 2009 when the group the Triangle created his subsidiary specialized in the photovoltaic, the activity of which it is one of the big actors with more than 55 MWc of power installed of ombrières today. Either, all in all, 380 000 m2, 30.000 parking spaces. Of big signs of the big ditribution such as Leclerc, Casino and BUT were seduced already by this ecological concept, and Renault for the Carport  for the storage of their car to see video

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